I first met with Paul when my life lacked balance and clarity. Things just seemed all “too much”. He was instrumental in empowering me to identify choices and make changes. To single out issues, find resolutions and carry them out. He provided me with a different viewpoint and stance on situations. Paul is direct and honest and had a great balance between supporting and confronting me to stay accountable. Paul’s coaching and support provided a framework that helped me move on from past issues and give me confidence to approach new challenges. This journey has helped me gain confidence, lower stress levels and regain a balanced approach to a busy modern-day life.

Vanessa Taylor

"Paul has the unwavering ability to empathetically listen and understand complex issues. Paul provides a simple, refreshing and personal approach to the term coaching as he organically infuses humour and informality in his approach to earn your trust and greaten your own understanding. I couldn’t recommend Paul enough. His ‘open door’ yet confidential approach has guided me through difficult times in my life; from times where I have felt overwhelmed and misguided. Paul has helped me to help myself."

Tim Reid, EmPOWERment Fitness


“Paul offered to give me some life coaching to see if he could help me set a few things straight in my mind that I had been trying to deal with for some time. He was extremely professional right from the beginning, explaining the ground rules to me, how he liked to work and what he hoped we would achieve at the end of each session. Paul made me think about things completely differently and from a totally new perspective that I had not been able to foresee alone but with his help and guidance, it was all there inside me just waiting to be released. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who is looking for a different outlook on life and to try to resolve some life challenges.”